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Bespoke Fireplace Designs are delighted to introduce our stylish range of Balanced Flue Gas Fireplaces...

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Luxury Balanced Flue Fireplace


The biggest advantages of balanced flue gas fires are safety, efficiency and installation flexibility. The fires can be flued in a number of ways. If the installation is being made on an outside wall, you simply need to flue a minimum of 1m off the top of the fire, followed by a 90 degree bend and a terminal through the outside wall.

Balanced flue fires can also be flued within an existing chimney by using a flexible flue liner to create a concentric configuration.
With efficiency levels of up to 80%, the Trimline range is a cost effective heat source along with taking care of the environment.

The Trimline range, as the name indicates, has only a few millimetres of frame around the glass, which gives the illusion of a frameless fire. Allowing you to have a beautiful and uninterrupted view of your fireplace.

These Balanced Flue Fires come with a variety of fuel bed options. For the more traditional flame, realistic luxury ceramic logs create a cosy wood fire effect. Or alternatively stones or pebble fuels beds are available for a more contemporary look.

The complete Trimline range is CE approved, and the full remote control system allows simple and safe use, with an external control box enabling servicing to be unobtrusive.






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